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Day 29 – 30 Day Vegan Challenge – Keep it in Perspective

Keeping it in Perspective: Intention, Not Perfection

4bc98b7c9d24d2de8293f3ac731abf98-994cfb48456e223324103b0d6d76f2feThere is no such thing as a certified vegan.

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, 30 Day Vegan Challenge

Day 29 and Colleen restates a concept I appreciate a lot about her approach. Being vegan is about intention and wherever practical and possible acting on that intention.

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30 Day Vegan Challenge – Chapter 5 – Part B

4bc98b7c9d24d2de8293f3ac731abf98-994cfb48456e223324103b0d6d76f2fe“Every journey begins with the first step of articulating the intention, and then becoming the intention.”

Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

Chapter 5 has a series of questions for the reader to answer before diving into the challenge. Here I reflect on more of these questions: before I started the vegan journey, my experience during the first six months, and how I would answer the question now.

Here are the second and third questions, with my thoughts.

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“It’s about striving for a better world”

“What veganism means to me is striving for a better world. It’s being conscious of your actions and the decisions you make. I ask myself, by doing this am I going to harm anyone else or am I going to harm the environment, which is later on going to harm someone else. That’s my thought process in all of this. It’s about striving for a better world.”


Quote taken from the video at the end of the article.

Many people want to do the right thing, we want to strive for a better world.  Misleading information makes that more difficult, especially when it is misinformation people really want to be true.

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Food Nazi?

Yesterday was sunny and warm. My friend and I took the dogs for a walk through the gardens and by the river.

Sitting on a seat in the rose garden cooling down under the shade we watch as kids climb trees, couples canoodle among the roses, families finish off picnics and even a group of oddly dressed adults play fight with prop swords.

And one of my best friends calls me a “food nazi” for not wanting to eat an ice cream with her.

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How deep does this go?

“Being vegan isn’t about being perfect, and it’s not about being pure. You do not get a certification of 100% purity when you become vegan. Being vegan is about intention. It’s about doing the best we can to not cause harm when it’s practical and possible and it’s not always practical and possible.”

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau*

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