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30 Day Vegan Challenge – Day 6 – Go Shopping

Getting to Know the Grocery Store 

4bc98b7c9d24d2de8293f3ac731abf98-994cfb48456e223324103b0d6d76f2fe“Make no mistake about it; though it appears you are exercising personal choice and freedom when you choose one product over another, massive efforts and huge amounts of money go into influencing – i.e. manipulating – your decisions. … Every day, every moment, whether it’s through radio and television commercials; magazine, newspaper, and Internet advertisements; supermarket product placements; billboards or celebrity endorsements we are told what to eat, especially when it comes to animal products … no one is immune to theses messages, which are so powerful, so prevalent, and so effective that any recommendations against consuming meat, dairy and eggs are called biased.”

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, 30 Day Vegan Challenge

Day 6 is about food shopping. We, as consumers are situated within a well-oiled corporate marketing machine, so slick and polished that until you consciously decide to try and execrate yourself from the machine, you are oblivious to just how pervasive and manipulative it actually is.

Nothing says "I love you Mum" like a creepy uncle with a bucket of dead birds soaked in salt and saturated fat, a bunch of flowers.
Nothing says “I love you Mum” like a creepy uncle with a bucket of dead birds soaked in salt and saturated fat, and a bunch of flowers.

We are completely saturated by corporate messaging telling us what to eat.  The only stronger messaging is what we were taught and was modelled to us as children, by adults equally influenced by the same social conditioning and commercial marketing strategies.

Now, I see it everywhere, this constant barrage of commands to “EAT, EAT, EAT” – is it any wonder we have such an alarming obesity problem. What do they keep pushing us to eat? Most of the time it is animal products and highly processed junk food – usually in the same food items.  Fortunes have been spent figuring out how  our human physiology and psychology can be best manipulated to extract money from us.  What lies will we want to believe? How much salt, sugar and fat will it take to get us craving? What are our emotional weak points – the ones that make us use food (or whatever) to compensate for love, sex and happiness, or to ward off fear and insecurity? What colours, sounds, smells, shapes or temperatures are we most attracted to?

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