30 Day Vegan Challenge

At the beginning of 2015, I decided to follow Colleen Patrick Goudreau’s 30 Day Vegan Challenge.  My plan was two fold:

  • read each chapter (Day) and post about the topic
  • make every recipe in the book at least once



In June, 2014, I decided to go vegan for a year, in order to find out if I was supposed to be vegan. Much more quickly than I had anticipated, the answer became absolutely yes.  Within weeks I knew that, even once the year was up, there was no way I could ever not live vegan again.

For the first few months, my exploration into this vegan thing was fairly ad-hoc. I was on a steep and terrible learning curve. I needed something to ground me in the practical realities of living this life – a solid foundation that would give me the practical and mental ‘tools’ necessary to live this way for the rest of my life. I wanted someone I felt I could trust to guide me through the transition.

Food For ThoughtColleen Patrick-Goudreau, the author of the 30 Day Vegan Challenge, has a podcast called Food For Thought in which she presents her beautiful and compassionate approach to living in this often less than ideal world. I appreciate her ability to communicate a tough message so clearly and in a way that is unambiguous and uncompromising, yet always kind and pragmatic.

When I saw her book 30 Day Vegan Challenge, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for; I expected it to take longer than thirty days, but that was not a problem, as I knew going in I had no time limit.

ebc431af04a62ab2b000b3d1dfdc31f2-12149cd88f4481cb1b07b0554701dd3dColleen manages to walk though this world as a passionate vegan and animal rights activist fully aware and sensitive to all that that entails, yet at the same time she appears to genuinely enjoy her life, love humanity and live well. She has a balance I want to aspire to.

Also, the recipes in the book are awesome, and how I like to eat.

I want this book to help lay the foundation for how I choose to live the second half of my life.


Here are my posts on the 30 Day Vegan Challenge, starting from 1 January, 2015, matched to the chapters in the book.

New Year’s Eve 2014

87ba4cb51a988c8da5f0e05e3622bdbf-14089125b999f852012a342a1cfd8c8bGet Ready

1. Welcome to Positive Change

2. Defining “Vegan”

3. Why 30 Days?

Get Set

4. Know Your Numbers

5. Create Your Intentions and Goals: Part A, Part B, Part C

6. Complete Your 3 Day Diary

7. Find a Buddy


Day 1 – Not a Separate Food Group

DAY 2 – New Foods: Part 1, Part 2

Day 3 – A Healthy Fridge and Pantry

Day 4 – Affordable, Healthy Eating

Day 5 – Labels

Day 6 – Food Shopping

Day 7 – Time to Cook

Day 8 – Breakfast

Day 9 – Eating Out and Speaking Up

Day 10 – Packed Lunches

Day 11 – Travelling

Day 12 – Cravings

Day 13 – Cheese

Day 14 – Baking

Day 15 – Calcium

Day 16 – Plant-based Milk

Day 17 – Tofu

Day 18 – Protein

Day 19 – Iron

Day 20 – Omega 3

Day 21 – Vitamin B12

Day 22 – Fibre

Day 23 – Special Needs

Day 24 – Vegan in the Room

Day 25 – Mixed Households

Day 26 – Traditions and Holidays

Day 27 – Weight Loss

Day 28 – Fabrics etc.

Day 29 – Perspective

Day 30 – Joyful Vegan

That is the end of the book and the end of the challenge. It took me over three months. I finally published the last post 10 April, 2015.

Thank you Colleen. I used this book to give me structure and guidance in how to be vegan. Thank you. I has helped to provide me with a foundation going forward. It might have been a lot more hit-and-miss otherwise.  Peace.


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