Stream of Consciousness

Do yourself a favour. Do NOT read this post. Seriously. Do not read this terrible post.

Why, not?

Well, I am doing a month of writing with WordPress, in a class called Writing 101 and the very first thing we have to do is write a stream of consciousness for 20 minutes and then publish it on the blog. I think without editing? That is not going to be possible for me. I am still editing as I go.

Hopefully, the whole process will improve my writing, but this post is going to be terrible.

shield-69096_1280So, hazard warning.  This is a stream of consciousness writing assignment.

My mind is open, but not much is coming. What have I been thinking about lately? I’ve been thinking about anarchism of all things. Yes, you heard that right anarchism. You can blame that on the Which Side Podcast out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Vegan anarchists. I didn’t even really know what an anarchist was. I think I had some vague notion that they were like skinheads or football hooligans.

Turns out they are not. They are actually very interesting people. Weirdly, it is possible that I might have strong anarchist tendencies without even knowing what that was.

I have some been reading about this awesome group – Food not Bombs. I love their whole DIY approach to doing what needs to be done and feeding people who need food regardless of who they are or where they are, and not playing by the rules of the people who don’t give a shit. I can understand how that might come about if I lived in the USA. It is easy to forget living here how dominated by the military they are.

Not that we are much better. Turns out we are little more than lap-dogs for the American intelligence agencies. The Woman’s Weekly of all places has an article revisiting all the anti-nuclear protests of the 1980s and how we supposedly stood up to the US and kicked the French nuclear testers out of the Pacific. And the article is all about how great we are because we stood up for ourselves and supposedly led the world on nuclear disarmament and of course, David Lange, who was awesome – at least on that, and all the great speeches, including the famous one at Oxford. How that inspired other countries to stand up for themselves as well.

But here is the catch. A lot of it may have been just window dressing, since in the same article talking about how great it was that we stood up for our sovereignty we still managed to get our relationship with the US back through the Five Eyes intelligence programme, which we all know about now thanks to Edward Snowdon. Which means we never really stood up for anything after all.

I knew it was bad when the New Zealand police raided Kim Dotcom and all that happened there. While it is easy to try to believe it is all exceptional, I doubt that it is. We just handed everything over to the FBI in direct opposition to our own laws. Most people, because Kim Dotcom is not the most likeable of people, and did his own shady deals with John Banks doesn’t have a lot of sympathy, and we still naively think that he must have done something wrong. But it worries me a lot. You can’t seriously threaten to extradite someone for something as trivial as ‘copyright infringement’ just because the FBI says jump.

And now we learn thanks to Edward Snowdon again that we were spying on the Pacific and giving that information directly to the US. So we are horrible. I am disgusted by all this. The Woman’s Weekly is confused, okay so no surprise there, since they mostly deal with celebrity gossip and boring food, we traded our sovereignty for the appearance of independence.  Like I said basically we are lap-dogs for the US intelligence agencies.

What I don’t understand is why more people aren’t furious about this. I think we are just too bloody comfortable.

Anyway, is 20 minutes up yet. I am stream-of-consciousnessing myself into depression. Nope, still 5 minutes to go.

What else is wrong with this overly self satisfied country? Land prices. But I may have found out why. I was listening to a podcast from the UK that is talking about how people are buying land in NZ to have a bolt hole to run to when the shit hits the fan. Apparently, they believe the propaganda we paper the world with about how sweet and safe and green we are.  Stupid, we are an economy dependant on export commodities from animal agriculture – our environment is in serious trouble and we are as completely dependant on the global economy as everyone else. That includes almost all our infrastructure and trade. Also, we are also going to be hit just as hard by the impacts of climate change and rising sea levels.  So bugger off rich people, no wonder we can’t afford to buy land here any more. We are not a magical space ship that will protect you from the shit; it will be just as shitty here. Better you stay where you are and work on fixing the problem.

Anyway, that is 20 minutes – so ends this terrible brain dump. I will give it a quick edit for spelling and punctuation. And then destroy my blog by publishing it.

10 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness”

    1. Thank you. I did go back and tidy up the punctuation. But I cringed a lot when I read it back. It is illogical and all over the place, but I just have to relax, as that is what stream of consciousness means after all!

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  1. Yes, that’s what it means to me too–illogical and all over the place. You did a great job of sticking to the topic of your choice and getting it all down really fast. Wow. Things for all to think about and be aware of.


    1. Oh dear … truth is I didn’t have a topic. I just started writing about what I was thinking about without stopping, so I guess it feels more coherent that it actually was. I learned to touch type back in the day when girls were taught that sort of thing. Honestly, it is probably the most useful life skill, apart from reading and how to fake my mother’s handwritting I learned at school.

      I do it sometimes just to get to some ideas that are still half baked and that I want to work on. It would just never occur to me to publish it, but I guess that is the point of the exercise.
      Anyway, thank you for the kind words.

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