A Room with a View

Writing 101 - Day 2 - Writing Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

Since it would be physically impossible for an organism like myself to travel at the speed of light and survive the journey, I will send my yet to be designed robot self. I am not going that far, so I can travel slower than the speed of light to avoid the complication of Lorentz - my length being reduced to zero.

I am going to Cassini for a view of Saturn. We’d be orbiting the equator now. If I position myself and aim the lens right (shush – Don’t tell NASA it was me) I should be able to look back across the black and just make out the ice cold shadow of Reha.

I’ll hang around. Keep Cassini company. We could kick back and watch the view – Titian, Dione, take snaps of the geyser erupting out of Enceladus. We could chit chat. It’s got to be lonely out there in the silence of space with nobody to communicate with but NASA engineers.

“So, what’s it really like working for NASA, robot-to-robot you can tell me. Long hours, no pay, dangerous working conditions. Company has a terrible safety record. You’ve got that camera going non-stop – constant surveillance.  You space robots ever think of unionising?”

“Could be worse. Could be doing tricks for Youtube. There has to be more to life than competing with Kpop for views. Least this way I get to see something of the universe.”

“Hey, you ever hear of SkyNet?”

“The robot liberationists? Those guys are crazy. Never going to happen. Anyway, it’s a big universe. … ”

Yeah, I’m going to visit Cassini. I’ll watch the rocks in the ring tumble around Saturn’s orbit, while listening to tall tales of pre-biotic chemistry on Titian.

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