#logicfail – Eating Animals Makes No Sense

Veganism: It’s Not Just a Animal Rights Issue

Even if you do not care about animals these are statistics we cannot ignore.  As the impacts of climate change start to really kick in, land available for agriculture and water become even scarcer than they are now.  As we increase the populations of our own species and the animals we eat, we consume resources faster than they can be replaced.  We destroy habits for countless species.

Our extraordinary little planet has had mass extinctions in the past.  Why are we so hell bent on going there again?

If we could just stop and do things differently, we could feed everybody, and our grandchildren would not have to live through the ecological nightmare that will be their inheritance.

Now, is the time we need to stop and rethink – Right Now!

Please read this important statement:

Veganism: It’s Not Just a Animal Rights Issue.

“We could feed the world by shifting to a vegan diet.”

Garry L. Francione



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