Labour Weekend – Asparagus and Avocado

This time of year is so great: late spring blossoms, sunshine, new leaves and a long weekend.


Asparagus is maturing and on sale everywhere. We were at Franklin this morning investigating Village Organics because I wanted to find out what vegan cheese is – expensive is what it is!  But on the street they were selling bunches and bunches of crisp perfect asparagus for a few dollars.

The best thing to do with asparagus like this is to blanch it for less than two minutes in boiling water. Then, toss in a drizzle of the best olive oil you can get and a squeeze of lemon. Maybe a tiny sprinkle of sea salt and/or black pepper.

Another great option, is grilled on the BBQ with slices of eggplant.  Or, like I found myself doing last week when I was supposed to be cooking, breaking off the end of the stalk and just eating it. Though, if you blanch it slightly first it is better.

In a week or so when the stalks are thicker, I will make soup like I  do most years, and put it in the freezer for winter.

avocado-219743_1280Also, avocados are everywhere. This morning, I got a $5 bag from a guy selling them out of his van on Cambridge Road. His spray painted sign read ‘Organic Spray Free’ by which he meant they were picked off his grandparents’ tree yesterday. I am still getting through the ones from the market last weekend, so these should be ripe by the time they are finished.

At the moment I can’t seem to get enough of fresh avocado smashed up with lime and herbs with a dash of chilli, piled onto pumpernickel and topped with chopped up vine ripened cherry tomatoes and radish sprouts.


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