On or Off the Menu – Thinking about a Debate

Starting where I am

My first goal is to change what I eat.

Although I’ve been a sort of vegetarian (some fish) for several years now, what I’ve mostly tried to do is not think too hard about what that means. I like to think of myself as giving some sort of a dam about animal welfare – if something doesn’t have to die in order for me to eat then I’d rather it didn’t. But does this go far enough?

And does this even make sense? While I may not consume animals as meat, aren’t they still tagged for slaughter anyway, even if the eggs are ‘free-range’? It’s hard to believe I never asked this question before – What happens to the roosters?

Vegetarian is the word I use for social situations. It means, “Please don’t feed me meat”. And for the most part people are good about that. They don’t put meat on my plate. They give me the cheese sandwiches instead of the ham ones at the work lunch. We look for a restaurant that has at least a couple of things on the menu I’ll enjoy eating. But I think most of all vegetarian is the word I use so I don’t have to keep thinking about what my food is and where it comes from.


Which leads me to the debate

Information about the debate can be found here.

I found the video below uploaded at a site called the Vegan Atheist, which has several other videos I also want to watch.

The debate took place at The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne, April 2012.

Specifically, this debate is over meat consumption. Should animals be off the menu? But it raises important questions for me on the total vegan perspective.

These are my current thoughts in relation to each of the speakers:

Opening Remarks
Peter Singer
Fiona Chambers
Philip Wollen
Bruce McGregor
Veronica Ridge
Adrian Richardson

Question and Answer Session

Closing Remarks
On the Menu
Off the Menu


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